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UNDULANT-Next: UNsteaDy boUndary LAyer flow coNTrol using plasma actuators of Next generation

Coordinator: José Páscoa
HyperMHD: Magnetoplasmadynamic Flow Manipulation on Hypersonic and Reentry Vehicles
Coordinator: Carlos Xisto


Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle, Project Grant No. 309041

Jet deflection systems are important to define novel concepts of air vehicle with enhanced performances, manoeuvrability shorter take off and landing spaces: It will permit to explore radical new concept of aerial vehicle and to give a realization to some very advanced concepts which have been intuited during the history of aviation but couldn’t be applied because of the absence of effective and affordable jet vectoring system. The main importance of an effective and affordable system to control the direction of a propulsive jet can be, interesting because it could lead to two directions of aeronautic design development:

  • improving performance, safety, efficiency and manoeuvrability of today air vehicle concepts;
  • defining future air vehicle designs, which include innovative concepts such as control without vertical empennages and reduction of mobile ailerons, and innovative aerodynamic concepts  which requires directional control of propulsive jets;
  • analyze most efficient and environmental friendly aircraft model based on distributed propulsion systems and on novel propulsive concepts;
  • investigating novel aerial vehicle concepts which are optimized to enhance and maximize the possibilities which are guaranteed by similar technologies;
  • exploring novel aerial vehicle guidance model and, in particular, novel trajectories, novel manoeuvring models such as vector flight and most efficient aerodynamic configurations;
  • experiencing novel propulsive which can reduce the emission greenhouse gasses such as electrical turbofan, which can be alimented by renewable or photovoltaic electricity.

It has been demonstrated by the experiences matured along last 4/5 decades that control based on sophisticated mechanical systems can be suitable for military combat planes and for very short operational periods (combat flight), because they lack in term of affordability and safety.

The integration of HOMER nozzle concept with an active control system such as PEACE can have a disruptive potential of innovation. HOMER overcomes the traditional limitations of common Coanda effect Nozzles with an active enhancement and control of adhesion by control jet. PEACE introduces instead an effective low cost control system and easily to integrate control system which can introduce a more effective governability of the system. By coupling two elements that can produce by themselves an effective innovation it is possible to generate something that can produce disruptive innovations.