Upcoming event:

ASME2014 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.

Advances in Aerodynamics 1 (9:45 AM) and 2 (1:00 PM) sessions, both schedule for Monday, November 17, are organized by José Páscoa and Carlos Xisto. During both session recent achievements of project CROP and project Acheon will be presented.

Check the agenda here.

Welcome to ClusterDEM

High-Performance Computing in Multiphysics Flow Research

The ClusterDem at the Electromechanical Engineering Department, C-MAST-Centre for Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, in University of Beira Interior is a laboratory equipped with High-Performance Computer clusters for performing numerical simulation on Multiphysics. Past studies include works on transitional, turbulent, high speed compressible and magnetoplasmadynamic  flows. Applications include: MPD Thrusters; Inverse Gas Turbine Blade Design; Inovative propulsion systems; MHD turbulent flow in Propulsion Nozzles; Turbulent Flow in Pumps; or Vehicle Aerodynamics.


Follow the participation of  ClusterDEM team in international events.

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Contact: Prof. Dr. José C. Páscoa

Dep. Eng. Electromecânica
CAST- Centre for Aerospace Sciences and Technology
Universidade da Beira Interior
Email: pascoa[a]ubi.pt


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