Marie-Curie Individual Fellowships Open!

Deadline: 10-09-2015 (contact us as soon as possible)
Individual Fellowships provide opportunities to acquire and transfer new knowledge and to work on research in ClusterDEM-UBI. A good track record of publications is mandatory.
NOTE: open to researchers, already holding a Ph.D., from any country in the world, (contact us asap)
Living Allowance: 4 650€ per month (aprox.)
Mobility Allowance: 600€ per month (aprox.)
Familly Allowance: 500€ per month (aprox.)

Welcome to ClusterDEM

High-Performance Computing in Multiphysics Flow Research

The ClusterDem at the Electromechanical Engineering Department, C-MAST-Centre for Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, in University of Beira Interior is a laboratory equipped with High-Performance Computer clusters for performing numerical simulation on Multiphysics. Past studies include works on transitional, turbulent, high speed compressible and magnetoplasmadynamic  flows. Applications include: MPD Thrusters; Inverse Gas Turbine Blade Design; Inovative propulsion systems; MHD turbulent flow in Propulsion Nozzles; Turbulent Flow in Pumps; or Vehicle Aerodynamics.


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Contact: Prof. Dr. José C. Páscoa

Dep. Eng. Electromecânica
CAST- Centre for Aerospace Sciences and Technology
Universidade da Beira Interior
Email: pascoa[a]