Prof. Dr. José C. Páscoa

Full Professor, Founder of ClusterDEM

Prof. Dr. Mahdi Abdollahzadeh 

Professor Auxiliar

  *  Head of Numerical Modelling Section.

Prof. Dr. Frederico Rodrigues 

Professor Auxiliar Convidado/C-MAST Researcher

  *  Head of Thermal Methods Section.

Doctor Amine Benmoussa

Researcher (Topic Leader)

EHD modelling and FSI in multiphysics,  with PSA Group

Prof. Dr. João Pereira 

Professor Auxiliar Convidado| FCT Researcher

Printable sensors and plasma actuators for flow control in aeronautics, with

Doctor Michele Trancossi

Visiting Scholar (also at Sheffield Hallam University, Senior Lecturer)

Fluiddynamics and second law of thermodynamics.

Doctor Mostafa Gerdroodbary

Visiting Researcher

Compressible Flow; Reduced Order Modelling; Machine Learning; DSMC

Mrs Odelma Teixeira,

Researcher (PhD Student)

MHD modelling of plasma thrusters for cubesats

Mr Sílvio Cândido,

Researcher (PhD Student)

Numerical modelling of Taylor cone Electrohydrodynamics

Mrs Fatemeh Bagherighajari,

Researcher (Ph.D. Student)

Non-equilibrium plasma enhanced flame stabilization
for high efficiency low emission combustion

Mr Miguel Moreira,
Researcher (Ph.D. Student)

Experimental testing of plasma actuators

Mr Gustavo Nunes,

Researcher (M.Sc. Student)

Electrospray Experimental testing

Mr Leonardo Mbanguine,

Researcher (M.Sc. Student)

Plasma actuators experimental testing

Mr Shivesh Narayan Sharma,

Visiting Researcher

Fluid dynamics, Aeronautic Engineering, also at Henri Coanda Labs LLC (USA)


Mr Edson Conceição,

Former M.Sc. Student

Numerical modelling of a Tesla disk pump

Doctor Reza Pendar

Former Researcher, now at University of Victoria

Numerical simulation of Electrohydrodynamic sprays


Prof. Dr. Carlos Xisto

Former Member (now at Chalmers University)

Computational Modelling of MHD Flow.


Doctor Mehdi Rami,

Researcher (former PhD Student) now at Aalto University

Computational modelling of unsteady 3D effects in cyclorotors 

Mr. Filipe Dias,

Former Researcher

Computational modelling of MHD Flows at arbitrary magnetic Reynolds number

Doctor Karuppusamy Periyadurai 

Researcher (former Post-Doc)

Numerical simulation of MHD-Non-Newtonian flows 

Mr Filipe Sabugueiro,

Researcher (former M.Sc. Student)

Experimental testing of Taylor cone EHD

Mr Gustavo Ribeiro,

Researcher (former MSc Student), now at  

Numerical modelling of micro-Electrothrusters for CubeSats, 

Doctor  Aditya Mushyam,

Researcher (former Post-Doc), now at European Space Agency (ESA), ESTEC

Computational Modelling of plasma actuators.

Doctor Galina Ilieva,

Researcher (former Pos-Doc), now at  TU-Varna  Resultado de imagem para TU-Varna logo

Numerical Modelling of Propulsion Systems for Airships

Doctor Kuldeep Dagar,

Researcher (former Post-Doc), now at University of Nottingham 

Cycloidal rotors working in turbine and propulsive mode.

Mr. Guilherme Santos,

Researcher (former M.Sc. student), now at 

Experimental testing of plasma actuators using quantitative Schlieren

Doctor João Morgado,

Researcher  (former PhD Student) now at )

Propeller blade design and simulation (Creator of JBlade)


Prof. Dr. Jakson Monteiro

Researcher (former PhD Student) now at University of Cape Verde 

Parametric and numerical design of cycloidal rotor thrusters


Doctor Rui Oliveira

Researcher (former PhD Student), now at 

Numerical Computation of Transitional Flow in Propulsion System Elements.

Mr Serafim Pinto

Researcher (former M.Sc. Student), now at 

Roughness for passive control of transition in 3D boundary layers.


Doctor Shyam Sumanta Das

Post-Doc Researcher, now at 

DBD Plasma Actuator Applications Design.


Mr. Nelson Mendes

Researcher (former M.Sc. Student) now at 

Numerical and Experimental modelling of low-Re number ground vehicles

  Mr. Fábio Silva
Researcher (former M.Sc. Student) now at Modeling of Turbulent Flow in  an Industrial Centrifugal Pump in Direct and Reverse Mode

Mr. Marco Santos

Researcher (former M.Sc Student) now at 

Experimental Modeling of an MHD pump for MEMS Applications


 Mr. Duncan Gawel

Visiting researcher from Queens University, Canada, now at 

Numerical modelling of MHD flows with applications to MPD thrusters


Mr. Fikri Hangul

Visiting researcher from Çukurova University, Turkey, now at 

CFD analysis of aerodynamic performance for the UBIan prototype Eco-Marathon vehicle

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