DIH-Digital-twin Computational Modelling Lab

We can provide your company with the HPC-CFD solution you need!

The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), of which UBI-ClusterDEM pole is focused on Cyber Physical Systems  includes the  Digital-twin Computational Modelling Laboratory (DtCMLab)  as a one-stop shop that helps companies become more competitive with regard to their production processes, or product design, by using digital technologies. This Digital-twin Computational Modelling Laboratory  is a scale-up initiative from the diversity of work carried out by ClusterDEM with industry for many years.

ClusterDEM (DtCMLab) is focused on providing advanced CFD, based on HPC, for that companies  can “test before invest”. This is also in line with the EU initiative to digitalise the manufacturing industry (https://i4ms.eu/).

We provide access to comprehensive digital simulation services in multiphysics. Our core services may include the following building blocks:
-mesh modelling,
-optimization of computational algorithms,
-access to area-specific software, such as OpenFOAM or commercial packages,
-area-specific engineering suport in terms of defining parameters for computation and interpreting results,
-visualization of results.

Moreover, a set of business development services are available:

-training and mentoring services in the area of multiphysics CFD,
-innovation scouting for the design of products with HPC-CFD,
-strategy development for the use of HPC-CFD,
-access to specialist expertise and infrastructure,
-access to funding based on common projects (Horizon Europe 2030).

Previous image by courtesy of https://i4ms.eu/.

ClusterDEM through the Digital-twin Computational Modelling Laboratory  is a competence center integrated on the Digital Innovation Hub. This articulates into the Pan-EU DIH network.

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